Bolsonaro cannibalism scnadal
Photo credit: Marcos Correa
Photo credit: Marcos Correa

‘I would have eaten the native’ Bolsonaro presidential campaign racked by cannibalism and freemasonry scandals

In less than two days after the first round of Brazil’s presidential election, two videos portraying far-right candidate and current President  Jair Bolsonaro have resurfaced, going viral and shocking the populace.

The first, filmed in 2017 before Bolsonaro ran for his first term, shows the then-congressman giving a speech to freemasons at a Masonic lodge. The video has created upset amongst even the staunchest of Bolsonaro supporters, in large part Evangelical Protestants, seeing as freemasonry is considered anathema to the Protestant faith and widely considered to have ties with the devil.

Many have denounced Bolsonaro, a self-proclaimed Evangelical, as being a false Christian and acting contrary to his faith. This has caused even more outrage seeing as Jair Bolsonaro and his wife, first lady Michelle Bolsonaro, have routinely used their religion to garner support from Brazil’s powerful pentecostal churches and gain votes amongst their congregates.

Michelle Bolsonaro has even gone as far as stating that the President’s official residence was used to worship demonic forces before her husband entered office. The President’s wife has also not been spared in the recent controversy, as pictures of her attending a freemason wedding have also resurfaced.

The second video, while not having quite as much impact as the first, has also become a great source of dismay to Bolsonaro’s campaign.

In it, Bolsonaro is interviewed by a New York Times reporter and speaks on a variety of topics. After commenting on a trip to Haiti – in which the then-congressman states he only didn’t have sex with a Haitian woman because of her “lack of hygiene” and because he “didn’t need it” – Bolsonaro switches to a tangent on his time visiting an indigenous community in the state of Roraima, Brazil.

“It was like the time when I almost ate a Surucucu native once. I saw a group of female natives carrying bananas on their backs and a male cleaning his teeth with straw. I saw many people walking. I asked ‘what’s going on”. The guy said ‘a native died, and they’re cooking him.’ So, I wanted to see the native being cooked and he said ‘if you watch, you have to eat.’ ‘I’ll eat!’ I said. But nobody in my group wanted to go. I would have eaten the native, no problem whatsoever,” stated Jair Bolsonaro.

Hours after the videos were released, the terms “Maçonaro (Mason Bolsonaro)”, “Traitor” and “Bolsonaro Cannibal” surged amongst Twitter’s trending topics. While Bolsonaro’s closest allies have already defended the President on the subject of supposed ties to freemasonry, and the President himself has issued a statement, there has been no official reply to Bolsonaro’s comments on his would-be foray into cannibalism.

Bolsonaro is currently in a contentious and polarizing run-off race with ex-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, commonly known as Lula, for the presidency of Brazil.

In the first round, Bolsonaro came in second place to Lula, albeit by a much closer margin than polls predicted. As of the time of writing, it remains to be seen whether these recent controversies will affect Bolsonaro’s performance in the latest polls.